purchase price

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the price at which something is actually purchased

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Shareholders will receive the purchase price in cash for shares tendered at prices equal to or below the purchase price.
Once the purchase price is agreed upon, determining the payment period is the next step.
If the merger results are neutral or there is an increase in earnings per share, then the proposed purchase price is within an acceptable range for the buyer.
The purchase price allocable to any individual asset may be at or below its FMV, depending on whether the purchase price was above or below the fair market value of the target.
For Federal income tax purposes, this may be challenged as a disguised purchase price, as highlighted in Regs.
He first approached his firm's bank, but it was unwilling to exceed 65 per cent of the purchase price.
If Cisco had accounted for all acquisitions as purchases, similar ratios of in-process R&D expense to purchase price probably would have applied to the $15 billion of acquisitions accounted for as pooling.
This section says that if a taxpayer acquires property subject to a lease, none of the purchase price may be allocated to the leasehold interest; instead, the entire amount must be capitalized and depreciated.
The only way the purchase price would make sense was if the owner could tear down the buildings and erect a high rise.
Capitalization rate, for this discussion, is defined as the percentage derived by dividing the net operating income of the hotel asset(s), less a management fee and an allowance for recurring capital expenditures, by the purchase price paid or received for the hotel asset(s).
Remember, if your clients and employees don't remain, you are not likely to receive the full purchase price.
1060 provides for the allocation of purchase price among assets of a trade or business after an applicable asset acquisition.
The Internal Revenue Service recently ruled a bankrupt or insolvent partnership may treat all or part of COD income as a purchase price adjustment if it arose from a cancellation of debt by the seller of the property (revenue procedure 92-92, IRB no.
TSX: CXI) for all of the issued and outstanding shares of ComnetiX, for a total purchase price of approximately US $16.