purchase contract

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a contract stating the terms of a purchase

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I am therefore very happy that we managed to sign the purchase contract in line with our schedule," says Frantisek Rezac, CEO and Member of the Board of Pegas Nonwovens SA.
In total, the closed acquisitions and purchase contracts encompass nine buildings for an aggregate purchase price of USD 103.455m.
Yunfei Li, the CEO of China BAK, said, 'We are glad to enter into the large-quantity purchase contract with Sysgration, which reflects the market recognition of our high power battery products for use in electric vehicles.
Also, the client can receive conditional cash deposits during the escrow period and not have to pay any tax on these received cash deposits until the sale of the purchase contract closes, at which time the client receives long-term capital gain treatment on these previously received cash deposits.
This directive places the burden on the heads of DoD components to ensure purchase contracts reflect the proper product evaluation and validation requirements.
(NYSE: GMRE) has entered into purchase contracts to acquire two projects, and has entered into an assignment and assumption agreement to assume a purchase contract for a third project, encompassing a total of eleven buildings for an aggregate purchase price of USD 30.86m, the company said.
Standard Oil Company USA Incorporated (Standard Oil Company) (OTC: SOCU), a leading independent energy company headquartered in Dallas, Texas and focused on oil and gas drilling, lease development and trading, has signed a final Purchase Contract with Kentucky River Energy LLC who are the West Virginia Property owners.
Investment Division growth in 2005 will come from the completion and lease-up of the 860 rental apartments currently under development, as well as opportunistic acquisitions of existing communities such as the 510 apartment portfolio in Manchester/West Haven, Connecticut, currently under purchase contract.
A purchase contract should disclose the parties' intent to treat such payments as interest both in form and substance.
Earlier this year Great Lakes Power entered into a purchase contract with Ontario Hydro which will result in the construction of a 100-megawatt natural-gas-fired cogeneration facility in Sault St.
Each tangible equity unit has a stated amount of USD100.00 and is comprised of a prepaid stock purchase contract and a senior amortizing note due 1 July 2019, each issued by the company.
The original purchase contract for the land was $3.75 million, which preceded a re-zoning that will allow for the planned development.