purchase agreement

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a contract stating the terms of a purchase

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10 November 2016 - Chicago-based institutional investor has entered into a USD 20m common stock purchase agreement with digital media technology company Las Vegas Remark Media, Inc.
On the intellectual property front, how many deals are done where the patents and trademarks are listed on a schedule to the purchase agreement and then forgotten?
Payments to the trustee provided by the forward purchase agreement.
Although X believed that the project was dead as of November, 1997, escrow on the 1996 purchase agreement was not canceled until almost six weeks later, on Dec.
The Purchase Agreement consummated the transactions contemplated by the Option Agreement that Siberian Energy entered into with Key Brokerage in September 2006.
The Securities Purchase Agreement between Pinnacle and the current CCRI shareholders was to terminate on December 20, 2006 if Pinnacle did not satisfy certain conditions, including delivery of evidence of Pinnacle's authorization to do business in Colorado.
The inability to assign the swap to another qualified swap counterparty would trigger a termination of the purchase agreement and require a termination payment to be made by the supplier.
For additional information regarding Dyadic's stock purchase agreement and R&D agreement with Abengoa, reference is made to Dyadic's Current Report on Form 8-K dated October 26, 2006, as filed with the U.
FCC has agreed to a 4% non-owner economic participation interest in the 2006 investment pool of RIOs, inclusive of the RIO portfolio acquired by the Trust pursuant to the Purchase Agreement.
Under the Settlement Agreement, the alternative reorganization plan proposed by the Official Equity Committee will be withdrawn, and the parties will implement various amendments to the existing reorganization plan filed by PRC-MO and the purchase agreement for Pinnacle's pending purchase of PRC-MO.
Through a Gas Purchase Agreement (Purchase Agreement) between UBS and FGU, UBS is unconditionally obligated to pay a final termination payment to the trustee sufficient to fully redeem the bonds in any event of termination of the Purchase Agreement.
SAN DIEGO -- Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ:LGND) (the "Company" or "Ligand") announced today that it has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement to transfer the assets associated with AVINZA (morphine sulfate extended-release capsules) to King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The proceeds from the transaction will be used to acquire a fixed quantity of natural gas to be delivered over a 20 year period by UBS AG (UBS) under a Prepaid Gas Purchase Agreement (Purchase Agreement) between UBS and FGU.
Nasdaq: PENN) announced today that it has agreed with the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (MTGA) to amend its October 14, 2004 Purchase Agreement (Purchase Agreement), under which the MTGA will irrevocably waive any post-closing termination rights under the Purchase Agreement and will release Penn National from substantially all liability arising out of the Purchase Agreement (including ordinary course claims alleged by the MTGA after the sale).