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Synonyms for purblind

unwilling or unable to perceive

Synonyms for purblind

lacking in insight or discernment


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It could be said of Allen's effort, as Rick Atkinson wrote in "An Army at Dawn" of Allied forces in North Africa in 1942: "Only seer or purblind optimists could guess that these portents foreshadowed victory.
Of course Messrs Reckless and Purblind are right in thinking that Dave Poshboy has no intention of holding a free and fair vote on British membership of the EU.
The reckless distortion is delivered with a contempt born of the most fatuous purblind arrogance.
Why indeed has the ruling hierarchy turned so purblind for its sheer thoughtlessness that is not even seeing that the whole of its peace foray with the militants is all fraught?
So I may come to mean my words aright / And not, as now, like some dull purblind wight / Prating by rote of shadow and of light" (ll.
Sokurov construes each man's will to power as, respectively, consuming mania, imagined omnipotence, and purblind haplessness--restricted in each case by the frailty of the flesh.
Reflecting on the purblind Eurocentrism of much contemporary cultural theory, Said writes:
So, establish scientifically what this will be, instead of offering purblind opposition to any development.
It would require an 'animal rights' spokesman of a particularly purblind turn of mind to suggest any vet is likely to be associated with anything that is cruel to animals.
British race patriotism dictated the craven sentiments of these ideologically purblind men, leading them to follow what they thought was sound British pragmatism in letting fascism have its head in Europe and naively believing that this approach would persuade Hitler to leave Britain and its Empire alone.
And when he yearns for an ultimate self-exile, he rushes towards death unconditionally, just as he once arrived in this world not by slow walking, purblind wandering, and empty gazing, but by the crackling spontaneity that impulsively and immeasurably forms fateful symmetries through the soul's pure motion.
A metaphysic of history is not only imperative for the church to meet the attack of Marxian materialist conception of history and its realization in apostolic Bolshevism: it is imperative if man is to solve the modern politico-economic entanglement, if political and cultural values and all the achievement of the past is to be saved both from the onslaughts of purblind statesmen and from the perfidious diplomacy of the merely destructive power of communism.
It is very painful to see that political ignorance is rife in the West and the Western powers are seeing the whole illusion of the saga of Iran threat through the purblind eyes of Washington.
Far from being motivated by purblind nationalist fervor, Spaventa sought the reintegration of Italy in the course of European modernity, whose best fruits it had failed to harvest despite its early contributions.
he kept on his miserable way with purblind eyes fixed upon the stake to which was tied the unsavoury meat .