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a leader or ruler who is chosen by a despot to head a government

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Puppet rulers have a long and ignoble history during the 20th century.
The King's private secretary Sir Alexander Hardinge contacted MI5 in 1941 amid fears that the Nazis might try to install the Duke as a puppet ruler if they successfully invaded the Soviet Union.
They installed a puppet ruler, granted independence largely in name only and kept troops in Iraq until the 1950s.
AFTER the ravages of World War II, which Albania barely survived, the country fell into the clutches of the Stalinists who installed the puppet ruler, the inexorable Enver Hoxha.
He likened the Roman puppet ruler, who has traditionally been regarded as wicked, to world leaders caught in situations that were too big for them to handle and acted out of exasperation and fear - the cause for most wars, he said.
Content, if it is truly to be king, cannot be a puppet ruler.
Yangluck, who has proposed a referendum on the country's crisis, has been accused of being a puppet ruler of her brother and former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who had been overthrown in a military army coup in 2006, after being convicted of corruption.
Each bomb killing dozens of civilians in search of one sharpshooter deepens the isolation and discredit of the puppet ruler.
The King's strange act of charity to Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich came amid fears that the Nazis might try to install the Duke as a puppet ruler if they successfully invaded the Soviet Union.
What goes through the heads of fanatical young Muslims as they see the infidels take over their wealth, allow gangsterism to run rife, tell the UN to go screw itself, and say they will only leave when a non-Islamic, American-approved, puppet ruler is imposed on a humiliated Arab state?
In 1839, without further consultation with London, Lord Auckland sent an army of 16,000 troops under General John Keane to take over Eastern Afghanistan and to install a puppet ruler there.
Following the Roman conquest of Judea in 63 BC, their puppet ruler, King Herod, added to the Temple.
Even the US designated puppet ruler in Iraq , Al Maliki, has demanded a set date for US withdrawal.
Ferdinand Marcos, the corrupt US puppet ruler of the Philippines, was strong, until people-power dethroned him.
Under international law, targeting hospitals to reinstall a puppet ruler is not an acceptable resolution to an internal dispute either.