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develop into a pupa

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At higher temperatures, larvae rapidly pupated, and this shortened feeding period may have limited overall activity, resulting in less exposure to the spinosad biological control agent but possibly more susceptibility to B.
The fate of each larva (living, pupated, or dead) was scored at the end of the experiment.
suzukii larvae pupated with a single peak between 8:00 to 16:00, but most D.
However, the earlier instars that they used remained several weeks in boxes with soil, but the authors did not indicate whether they pupated.
The percentage of BAW larvae that successfully pupated was almost identical for the ABPA, ABP-B and ABP-C lines averaging just over 70% (Fig.
We introduced larvae to the ant colonies at the second or early third instar, observed the initial interaction to assure that the ants did not attack the larvae and replaced the host plant daily until the larvae pupated.
Larvae that pupated after developing on TXKY90-13-8 were the largest and produced significantly heavier pupae than those that developed on Syn2.
All rearing cups were observed daily until the fate of larvae was recorded as having pupated or died from parasitism or unknown causes.