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develop into a pupa

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The larval stage usually lasts from five to 18 days; the larva then spins a silken cocoon and pupates.
She keeps laying eggs and feeding the hungry larvae until they pupate and emerge as workers.
The larvae of the second generation entered empty puparia from the first generation in order to pupate.
Soon your hornworm will disappear into the soil beneath the host plant to pupate.
THE cycle is complete when the caterpillars pupate over winter, mostly on walls and fences.
Because the maggots do not multiply in the wound and must leave the wound to pupate or they will die, physicians simply flush them out when they have completed their job, usually in about 3 to 4 days.
Underneath the cages, plastic trays with sawdust were placed to collect larvae leaving the caracasses to pupate.
Each larva burrows into the fruit, eats for around 3 weeks, then leaves the fruit to pupate elsewhere.
Unfortunately by the time that the caterpillars had reached the fifth instar and were almost ready to pupate (about four weeks), the author was due to go on leave and the caterpillars had to be released into the wild.
After two weeks, when the larvae are fully grown, they are able to pupate in the soil.
The fattened young disperse to pupate in nearby soil and emerge as carrion beetles a couple months later.
Mealworms hatch from their eggs after about six to 14 days, grow and molt as larvae for 60 to 120 days, pupate for about 10 days, and finally emerge as adult darkling beetles.
They then pupate, protected by two or more leaves tied together by silk (see photo, p.
After feeding for 4 to 8 days, the larva leaves the wound to pupate in the soil (6,7).