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Synonyms for pup

Synonyms for pup

an insignificant but arrogant and obnoxious young person

Synonyms for pup

young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf


Related Words

an inexperienced young person


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Consistently, mothers may adopt an optimal provisioning pattern to maximize pup growth rate, which should correspond to Boyd's et al.
If there is only a single pup, question how it will be handled.
Sea Life Scarborough has been rescuing and releasing seal pups for more than 20 years.
Most pups have been found on the Llyn Peninsula, with Bardsey Island taking the crown so far.
If your pup seems suddenly scared of more things than he was previously, take a step back from socialization and provide him with comfort, fun things to do, and gentle experiences.
TIP 1: Buy healthy, vaccinated and de-wormed LGD pups from proven, working parents.
Although the pups can swim at an early age, they do not normally leave the breeding colony until they have been weaned and moulted their white coats.
Keeper Chris Grindle said: "The pup is doing really well and has now started exploring its exhibit with the adults.
Pandey, a resident of Padwal Nagar, heard the howling of a pup and decided to look up the matter.
The pup was found by a passer-by at Glenbarr on the Kintyre peninsula on November 3.
THOSE readers who have read the vet column in the last few weeks will know that we have been waiting for the arrival of a litter of pups - and they are now here.
I also would not expect to see the white markings on the toes (of the standing pup) in a coyote pup.
In the governorate of Tozeur, 44495 voters headed to the 88 polling stations to elect candidates from the RCD, the people's unity party PUP and the MDS.
Sooner or later, however, you will need to thin the clump to provide better air circulation and room for the increasing growth as the pups pup.
talarum"s pups during the nestling period give some support for this correlation (Schleich and Busch, 2002), the analysis was done using the whole litter, and no study was done to evaluate the individual pup vocal response to isolation at different ages or physical condition.