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(football) a kick in which the football is dropped from the hands and kicked before it touches the ground

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Hekker has expanded that role this season, with not only the usual method of punting but with the addition of a rugby-style punt where he rolls to the right and tries for distance over coverage, and what he describes as a "flip" kick designed to increase the likelihood a punt can be downed near the opponent's goal line.
Instead of punting, Carroll went for it, but tailback LenDale White was stopped inches short of a first down.
Oregon came into the game last in the Pac-10 Conference in net punting, and Saturday had punts of 35 and 39 yards.
USC, which inexplicably threw eight straight passes on its opening drive before punting, went back to the run following Fresno State's touchdown, and tailback Reggie Bush responded with a 65-yard run on a sweep down the sideline that reached the 5-yard line.
Punting is too often viewed as simply kicking the football on fourth down.
The 21-year-old Paulescu, who leans more on his faith than his powerful right leg, has become a disciple of a technique called "directional punting.
Kluwe, an undrafted rookie from UCLA, leads the NFL in punting, but he is still not considered a player - or a player.
Poor coverage (good rushers force the punting team to block longer.
You're only gaining five, so you're probably better off punting the ball out of bounds.
One of those injured players was tight end Nate LiaBraaten, who broke his ankle in practice Wednesday and had to be replaced as the left guard in punting situations.