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Synonyms for punter



Synonyms for punter

someone who propels a boat with a pole

(football) a person who kicks the football by dropping it from the hands and contacting it with the foot before it hits the ground

someone who bets

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This is unworkable because many punters have control of multiple accounts so if bookmakers were forced to lay anything to lose, say, PS1,000, the punter with access to 20 accounts could stretch that limit to PS20,000.
They served together in the officer cadets before Mr Punter left to pursue a career in recruitment.
So, no doubt we are going to see a massive rise in Lottery bets as the weekend approaches despite taking a hefty hit from the Co Cork punter.
THE controversies and infighting within the BJP seem to have very little impact on punters across the country.
The former College of the Sequoias punter and Chris Sailer Kicking school standout is a more confident, consistent punter in 2013 than he was last fall.
You are probably thinking he's just a good punter, and that's it,'' the elder Mike Anger said.
In order for the punter to have enough time to execute, the snap must get back to him on target in that amount of time.
Saturday will be the first day since 1966 that punters have been able to place a wager in a betting shop without the government taking a slice of either the stake money or the winnings.
did not bother Punter then: he was monarch of all he surveyed.
MANSION offers punters unprecedented value, simplicity and convenience.
Similarly, in Delhi and Rajasthan, BJP is stronger when compared with Congress," one punter said.
WELCOME to your new-look Punter, now in association with the Racing Post.
Racing executives depend on bookmakers making more money while bookmakers rely on punters losing more money, so systems are devised whereby the punter will end up digging deeper.
Think about how much easier it would be if the punter, place kicker, snapper, and holder were all ready to go when you start to assemble special teams.