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someone overly fond of making puns

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Incluso en su periodismo es un punster o hacedor de retruecanos incorregiblemente cruel, como lo muestra una resena de dos diccionarios de cine, uno de Ephraim Katz, otro de David Thomson, cuyo libro "has even more lives than Katz, but unlike Katz, Thomson is a killer with a deus ex machine-gun".
In a review of her novel Green Lights Are Blue, in the New York Review of Books, Bernard Bergonzi complained, "Miss Molinaro is a tireless and engaging punster, and goes in, less happily, for endless typographical tricks, being particularly and pointlessly addicted to parenthesis signs and numerals.
He could be terribly stubborn, but he was an extremely lively, social person, a tremendous punster with a keen intellect and a charming personality.
was a young man of seventeen or eighteen years at this time--a smug unchecked punster, with a shiny red porky face in the Pentland cast, in which they contrived to stamp all their progeny, and with an annoying satisfied laugh.
Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka tried her skills as a punster once again Monday when she called herself ''obasan'' or a middle-aged woman in a meeting with visiting Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.
The kattiyakaran is also a punster, and he employs his skill in this arena to provoke the audience's laughter, usually at the expense of the dignity of the play's "noble" characters.
A nonstop punster with a self-deprecating sense of humour, he tags his political stance as "Groucho Marxist.
Conrad, however, is a much sharper punster and, as every detail of the sequence suggests, the activity of collecting is "atrocious" and the narrator himself is "affectedly refined.
SJL: You are one of the world's greatest living punsters, so your quip "Pavane for a Dead Punster" doesn't apply to you.
Thus, the ludic Pales is also a helpless, Caribbean punster.
It is full of fun, quips, and poems by the author of "Ode to the Code," who is also a notorious punster.
An inveterate punster, he described his anomalous situation during the war as follows: "I have been guarded, reguarded, and now, disreguarded.
As for me, a lifelong punster and logophile, I can not resist the temptation to play around with the way PGP's sound when read aloud.
By the way, no photographic evidence with this one but Hamilton's No1 punster Bob McFarlane claims he recently saw a sign in a shop window that read: Medieval Punishment Equipment Sale - While Stocks Last.
Yet the word play though echoing a poet's associative vitality and spirit of plenty is hostile to the Irish punster.