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a humorous play on words

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With a hardware store setting inspired by a shop in Taff's Well recommended to Barker by his Open All Hours co-star David Jason, it was the ultimate punning riff, exploiting such sound-alike phrases as four candles and fork handles.
Undoubtedly, Shakespeare's indulgence (or overindulgence, as some might put it) in punning should be interpreted against a broader historical background that enables the correlation of his liberal use of this linguistic instrument with sixteenth-century literary practices, where it enjoyed great favour.
The empirical data for the present research come from three Shakespearean comedies, namely The Two Gentlemen of Verona (henceforth TGV), Twelfth Night (TN) and Much Ado About Nothing (MAN), and the focus of attention is the punning practiced by ladies-in-waiting, i.
These include, among others: (a) the phenomenon's hugely elusive character (especially in the case of paradigmatic / vertical alignment of meaning components subsumed under a single form); (b) (with historical texts, such as the comedies under study) an appreciable temporal distance separating Shakespeare's plays from their modern recipients, which affects language materially, blurring the true picture of the playwright's punning practices; and (c) the fact that the Shakespearean brand of verbal humour tends to fall into intricate patterns, forming a mosaic of tightly interlaced puns, which often precludes the possibility of forcing one's way through a complex interplay of meanings.
The study sets out to identify the hallmarks of the punning styles adopted by Shakespeare's ladies-in-waiting, who prove to constitute, as occupants of this social role, a largely homogeneous category of punsters.
Yet another basic premise of the study is that it is lengthier pun-based interactions rather than isolated instances of verbal humour that, due to providing a solid contextualisation, are better suited for illuminating the inner workings of intricate context-sensitive punning processes and for identifying recurring patterns in playful experimenting with language.
Punning was a generalist in many fields of bio-geosciences and environment researches, he published more than 500 scientific papers altogether.
Punning played an active role in the formation of scientific, educational and environmental policies in the Baltic States.
Unlike the literary criticism, offering a remarkable insight into the character and function of punning practices in many authors (with Shakespeare holding the lead), linguistically-oriented scholarship emerges comparatively fragmentary, leaving puns a largely unexplored domain.
However diverse the dictionary entries for a pun may be, they all agree that (i) the phenomenon depends for its existence on the juxtaposition of (at least two) similar/identical forms and (at least two) dissimilar meanings, and (ii) broadly speaking, the subtler the formal contrast and the sharper the semantic one, the finer the punning effect.
A fundamental assumption made right at the outset should be that the sole kind of meaning able to engender contrast needed for the desired punning effect is conceptual (alternatively termed "denotative", "cognitive" or "logical").
By way of contrast, the second part of the study is an attempt at classifying punning forms into interlingual puns, proper name puns as well as idiomand compound-based puns (3.
The understanding of multiple obsolete meanings put to punning purposes was markedly facilitated by explanations found in: Schmidt (1902), Onions (1919), Rubinstein (1989), Ellis (1973) and Partridge (1961).
The poem "The Romance Between Us" exemplifies Harris's techniques of repeated refrain ("hand me my griot clothes"), repetition, punning, rhythmic insistence recalling contemporary African American musical and oral arts, vernacular lexicon and structures, embedded allusions, and believable narrative: