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Asda started selling lib strawberry packs last year Asda reintroduced lib punnets of strawberries last spring - its first use of imperial measures in more than a decade.
And as Wimbledon gets underway next week, many of us are already preparing to buy our first punnet to make into cakes, sauces, ice cream and coulis or simply to serve with whipped cream.
And not just PS4 for a parsimonious punnet of organic blueberries (no thanks, Waitrose).
A SHOPPER was left hopping mad after finding a frog in her punnet of strawberries.
BLACKBERRY AND ALMOND BISCUIT SANDWICHES FOR THE BISCUIT DOUGH: | 50g caster sugar | 100g salted butter, softened | 100g plain flour | 100g ground almonds FOR THE JAM: | 1/2 punnet fresh blackberries | Caster sugar, the weight of blackberries | The rest of your punnet of blackberries | Icing sugar, for dusting (optional) Makes 10-12 sandwiches, depending on sizes METHOD 1 Preheat oven to 170C/150C fan/Gas 3.
A FAMILY was left hopping mad after finding a small frog in a punnet of raspberries.
That would take a punnet of strawberries at Wimbledon up to pounds 4.
Serves 4 You'll need: one kilo of plums cut into chunks; 1 punnet strawberries, hulls removed, large ones cut in half; 165g plain flour; 50g soft light brown sugar; 150g rolled oats; 125g unsalted butter.
Pour yourself a glass of Pimms, tuck into a punnet of strawberries and enjoy the final match of the 2009 championship.
1 lge punnet of strawberries, top removed cut 1/2 into 1/4's and reserve.
Our research showed that consumers buying the 340g packs use the contents in one go and therefore do not need to reseal the punnet which is why we opted for an easier lid.
Strawberries not only count towards your five fruit and veg portions a day, they are great for slimmers because they contain just 90 calories per punnet.
Caerphilly Mountain could easily be turned into Henman Hill for the fortnight and although the leeks and cream might be a turn-off to your average All England Club member, at 12p a punnet they might be more in the compass of the ordinary tennis fan.
I was at Leicester and a thong and a punnet of strawberries came my way courtesy of a supporter who I was told was "keen on me".
Getting your five a day is good value at Morrisons where a punnet of plums (400g), nectarines (four) and peaches (four) are 99p each or two for PS1.