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Synonyms for pungent

Synonyms for pungent

affecting the organs of taste or smell with a strong and often harsh sensation

Synonyms for pungent

strong and sharp


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capable of wounding

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Thioalcohols are so pungent that even tiny amounts - one drop in a trillion drops of water - can create a stink.
The smell is so pungent that even if you shut your windows, you still get it in your room," said Ivan Digber who lives in the Emirates Cluster.
BEIRUT: Citizens fed up with pungent mounds of trash in the capital are taking matters into their own hands by launching initiatives to keep Beirut's streets clean.
According to the company, this oil offers an array of similar therapeutic benefits to that of its pungent relative while having a milder, pleasant aroma that is much more versatile for use in cosmeceutical applications.
DETECTIVES smelt a strong, pungent smell in the house an ex-mayor accused of causing explosions a jury heard.
If your family is willing to put up with the pungent funk of the spicy fermented cabbage (or other vegetables), the taste reward will be massive -- and luckily, ready-made kim chi is becoming widely available in the UAE.
There was a "pungent smell" from rotten food and cat droppings all over the floor.
Fish sauce brings the funk: As Americans developed a taste for Southeast Asian food, we also acquired a taste for this pungent, ultraconcentrated umami bomb.
A 37-year-old man and two other men were also arrested after neighbours noticed a pungent smell coming from what turned out to be an 800-plant factory above a furniture store on Cardiff Street, Aberdare.
WE WROTE: DOUBLING the height of a steam stack at Ensus has helped send a pungent pong far and wide across Teesside.
superstitions when they involve wacky hairstyles or increasingly pungent lucky underpants.
chloro silicane -- a colorless flammable liquid with a pungent odor -- while
Other signs included by-products being removed in bin or laundry bags, pungent smells and electricity boxes being ampered with.
Sabinsa Corporation has introduced Chilitenoids, a natural extract from a type of Capsicum frutescens that contains negligible levels of the pungent principle capsaicin.
If the 2000s were the decade with no name, the very phrase "the '60s" speaks volumes, and even emits an odor--the pungent aroma of burning marijuana.