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Synonyms for pungency

wit having a sharp and caustic quality

a strong odor or taste property

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annuum): A northern New Mexico heirloom; won the prize for best green chile at the Santa Fe farmers market; also great for ristras and for making red chile powder; medium-high pungency.
With 220 molecules affecting its taste, pungency and colour, it grows on you quickly, like it did on me, as I travelled along Puglia, dipping freshly baked breads into every variety of extra virgin I could lay my hands on.
The American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) Pungency unit is based on a scientific method for measuring the potency of peppers.
The midharvest Frantoio is rich and creamy, with a kiss of pungency.
If some varieties of chillies are famous for red color because of the pigment 'capsanthin,' others are known for biting pungency.
Without tannin, but frequently imbued with the mouth-watering qualities of umami (meaning deliciousness or savorinessT umami is the fifth taste after sweet, salt, sour and bitter), sake has a broad adaptability with food, facilitating pairings with dishes containing lots of vinegar, fiery spices, pungency and otherwise aggressive flavors.
Bland Farms, for example, operates an in-house pungency lab in order to continuously monitor the pungency of sweet onions, in addition to routinely sending samples to third-party laboratories to verify its in-house results.
Mustard's alluring pungency only develops when cold water is blended with the ground seed and a reaction occurs between the enzyme myrosin and the glycoside sinigrin, resulting in a sulfurous compound captured in the highly volatile (and hot-tasting) seed oil.
They can be little things, like the fragrance of rain rolling through mountain pines, the redolence of sagebrush crushed underfoot, the pungency of gun solvent, the sulfurous fumes of marsh muck, or the one that for me triggers the widest swath of emotions--the aroma of wet dog.
You can't see it through the mud on their backs, but its sweet pungency can linger on a jumper for weeks.
OmniActive on the other hand has developed a way to safely and effectively encapsulate the ingredient so that its pungency doesn't affect the finished product or the person consuming it.
The fresh-off-the-boat expat chef of WelcomHotel Sheraton's Pan Asian restaurant, Peng Yutao, brings the warmth of the city and the hotness of its famous peppercorns, huajiao, which when combined with red chillies produce the mala ('numbing and spicy'), without whose kickboxing pungency you can't complete a hot pot.
Only three positive attributes -- fruitiness (either green or ripe fruit), bitterness and pungency -- are quantified on the profile sheet.
The taste of Del Monte Mustard NOW is inspired by the tangy regional sauces with the creamy consistency of international offerings and a level of aroma and pungency that is just right.
Horticulture Mission Assistant Director Ramesh Vainakun said, "At present, this capsicum has less pungency and little bit sweetness also.