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a one-horse sleigh consisting of a box on runners

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Michael Howlett is Burnaby Mountain Professor at Simon Fraser University and Yong Pung How Chair at the National University of Singapore.
Her discussion of dual citizenship in Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) NGO head Pung Chivv Kek's decision not to become the ninth tie-breaking member of the National Election Committee (p.
Pung has announced his retirement as president of Isabella Bank, effective December 30, 2015.
Pung will retire as president of Isabella Bank, effective December 30, 2015.
He wrote: "We were just cutting about on the hing and Callum pung his fag on the ground.
HYDERABAD -- The Deputy Consul General China Mu Young Pung has said that PakChina Economic Corridor will open new vistas of trade relations between the two countries and it will further strengthen the relations between the people of both countries.
Hans Pung, President of the think tank Rand Europe, said that in his view the 2% GDP target was not suf-ficient to make Nato's forces operationally capable and efficient.
David Pung,VP LaserSharp Equipment, LasX Industries, White Bear Lake, MN, USA, emphasizes that laser diecutting is a continuation of the digital process, which starts with the digital press.
He was pung and panting and could barely speak - the police had to intervene before it got nasty.
In contrast, Murray has appeared on virtual cruise control, getting his opponents hung and pung while barely appearing to break sweat.
Nine firms, - Midaya Ceramic, Kandygs Handlooms, Island Craft, Suntex Weaving Industries, Earth Bound Creations, Trickledown, Maximus, Selective Designs, and Pung Craft- have succeeded in clinching EDB's support to apply for Fairtrade certifications in this first initiative.
It could process 100,000 tons a year in the future, one-tenth of the Kingdom's 2015 rice-export goal, said Canadia Bank chairman Pung Kheav Se at a ceremony for the bank's 20th anniversary.
The groomsmen were Ellis McNair of Raymond; Eric Merkle and Dylan Wren of Ocean Springs; Guy Wimberly of Natchez; Joseph Young of Corinth; Will Gotcher of Muscle Shoals, Alabama; Kyle Pung of Huntsville, Alabama; John Traylor of Smyrna, Georgia; and Matt Woolfolk of Jackson, Tennessee.
Other Thai treats include starters such as goong hom pa - deep fried tiger prawns in filo pastry with sweet chilli sauce - and khanom pung na gai, deep fried minced chicken and herbs on toast.
Lachlann Carter from 100 Story Building was able to add to the unit of inquiry by developing supportive weekly workshops with visiting artists and authors such as puppeteer Leighton Young, author and past pupil Alice Pung, Kamishibai storyteller Bernard Caleo and performance poet Tariro Mavondo.