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Synonyms for pundit



Synonyms for pundit

a usually elderly person noted for wisdom, knowledge, and judgment

Synonyms for pundit

someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field

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euro]is week, ex-Liverpool greats, Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness, took Chelsea to task as the London side exited the Champions League.
Full remote control is possible with the Windows based software Pundit Link or via 3rd party software.
I'd like to see Question Time given up one week to football pundits.
As soon as you start getting swayed by supporters, journalists or pundits you are on a slippery slope because you lose focus," he continued.
But many pundits threw out the window what they, and others, had said beforehand, about Obama needing to appear presidential and seem expert on international matters.
In those cases, purists like Nina Totenberg say that the only acceptable way for a pundit to recover is to own up in the clearest possible terms.
Knover is pleased to announce its new online community, a political dorm room for the Internet: Pundits 2008.
If he was a pundit here and more people got to hear his views, I think there would have been some job offers for John.
If he was a pundit here and more people got to hear his views and explanations then there would have been some job offers for John.
Pavel Srnicek: Goalkeeping coach of Sparta Prague - and Sunday Sun columnist Steve Watson: Still coaching - he was with Lee Clark at Birmingham City Darren Peacock: Manager of Lancaster City in the Northern Premier League Philippe Albert: A Belgian TV pundit who also owns a fruit and vegetable company in Bouillon.
Just let Dave Jones carry on managing and doing the fantastic job he is doing; he will decide what is best for the club and any punishment the players deserve, not some negative sports pundit.
Brilliant BBC pundit Martin O'Neill's sarcastic putdown of Alan Shearer: "Hey, you're getting quite good at this.
Steve McManaman Pundit The laid-back Scouser is a terrific analyst and it's a surprise he never made it on to the regular Sky roster.
He has often courted controversy as a pundit and was involved in an on-air spat with Robbie Savage last year.
That stuff drives me up the goddamn wall," says Baltimore Sun columnist and TV pundit Jack Germond.