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having a hole cut through

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A total of 612 gloves were collected including both the surgeons (336) and the assistants (276) in whom 67 gloves were punctured (11%) while the total numbers of punctures were 79 (13%).
28% of subjects punctured in the lateral area of the fingertip at a depth of 0.
The owner of the bicycle, Per Edstrom had set up a camera, as he had grown tired of finding the tyres punctured, the Local reported.
The targeted vein was punctured with the 18 gauge needle with ultrasound guidance from the same site of the skin and in the same way as the local anaesthesia (Figure 1).
With Britain's roads blighted by a pothole plague following two consecutive harsh winters, motorists are increasingly suffering from punctured tyres.
When we came across a lady or elderly person who had a puncture we would remove the punctured wheel and replace it with the spare.
Using technology called the ContiSeal, the tyre manufacturer have developed a system that makes it possible for a car to continue on its way even after a tyre has been punctured with a screw or nail.
Uncommon for most Dialictus, the species treated herein are brilliant metallic blue (hence the reason the first species was originally described in the genus Augochlora) and coarsely and densely punctured, resembling to some extent parasitic bees or chrysidid wasps.
He suffered five wounds to his back and was taken to hospital for treatment for a punctured lung.
Initially debuting in 2005, Goodyear's DuraSeal technology incorporates a built-in sealant designed to allow truck operators to continue driving after a tire is punctured.
MICHELIN'S revolutionary new Pax run-flat tyres allow customers to travel safely for 125 miles, below 50 mph, on punctured tyres.
GENUS ONE In the rubbery world of topology, it's possible to imagine creating a helicoid by carefully deforming and stretching the surface of a punctured sphere rather than by expanding and twirling a fiat soap film.
SUN VALLEY - Just two days after a mistake by a DWP crew cut electricity to half of Los Angeles, another worker at a Department of Water and Power facility accidentally punctured a methane gas line Wednesday, causing a blast that damaged nearby cars.
Then I had two tyres punctured by screws and started collecting those I found and taking photographs.