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(anatomy) a point or small area

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The Punctum in the select images is not because it is being shown by the photographers of two different regions rather "occurs in the field of the photographed thing" (Barthes 1981a:47) which is to say that it is the pure artifact of the photographic event--"the photographer could not photograph the partial object at the same time as the total object" (Barthes 1981a:47).
The clinical signs of primary canaliculitis include a 'pouting' punctum, eyelid edema and erythema, mucopurulent discharge from the punctum when pressure is applied, and in some cases yellow dacryoliths called 'sulfur granules' in the punctum.
The image, long submerged under the surface of Yuh's unconsciousness, suddenly emerged from his consciousness and is the punctum of chaos.
La opcion de la experiencia subjetiva de los treinta y nueve poemas que integran Punctum (1996), de Martin Gambarotta, parece ubicarse en las antipodas de la flanerie; el espectaculo de la gran ciudad es sustituido por el ostracismo autoimpuesto del protagonista, quien en contadas ocasiones traspasa la puerta de su departamento.
The second part of the essay explores the rhetorical potential of the photograph in protests given the ontological features of the photograph as manifest in the punctum and the possibility of the metonymic expansion of the photograph's meaning (Barthes, 1981, p.
Moreover, Barthes famously defines the punctum as "that accident which pricks me (but also bruises me, is poignant to me)" (Camera 27).
Ocular also provides prostaglandin analog punctum plugs that are hydrogel-based punctum plug depots to deliver prostaglandin analogs to treat glaucoma.
Both upper and lower punctum were dilated and 20 gauge vitrectomy light was passed through the upper punctum into the lacrimal sac.
Such an observation may well have appeared less pressing to him than what he was contrasting studium to--namely, punctum, which he defined as the detail that pricks our expectations, that alerts us to the presence of two discontinuous elements in an image.
According to the fistulogram, the right tract was continuous with the oropharyngeal area and the left punctum showed pooling of contrast material in the cervical area (figure 2).
25 x1 cm dimension on the medial aspect of the right lower eyelid extending on to the conjunctival side without any involvement of the lower fornix or the lacrimal punctum.
Despite the very obvious clues, such as the birds that symbolize migration and "belong nowhere", the drawings of the flora and fauna that (perhaps) are the inhabitants of Lahore, the medium of gouache on wasli as an integral part of Latif's artistic identity (or perhaps it is my personal desire to give some relevance to the medium), the mother as a metaphor for 'home', the work lacks what Barthes calls the punctum (that which 'touches' one, without submitting itself to mere meaning or aesthetic).