punctuated equilibrium

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a theory of evolution holding that evolutionary change in the fossil record came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change

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According to punctuated equilibrium theory, organizations tend toward "equilibrium" because of the permanence of the organization's "deep structure.
Use of the term punctuated equilibrium appeals to Darwinian scientific authority; Brock is appealing more to the authority of Newton, as if the policymaking process can be described according to precise mathematical rules, as a physical system might be.
The observation of stasis in the fossil record and the theory of punctuated equilibrium were the main focus of the deliberations.
Organizational competencies necessary for success in a Punctuated Equilibrium Environment include application of statistics plus data mining techniques to facilitate estimation and costing.
I begin this phase of the discussion by noting that in essence, We the People proposes a punctuated equilibrium model of macrolevel constitutional order.
Whether the driving force is natural selection, punctuated equilibrium, catastrophism, some other mechanism or a combination of any or all of them is open to debate.
If you're in a period of calm, or as some would say, punctuated equilibrium, it's only temporary.
To make sure that we have got architecture in the right postmodern, cosmogenic perspective, an avuncular and energetic Dr Jencks takes us on a brisk tour of some of the recent popular literature of science, pointing out salient features in the new landscape of knowledge: quantum mechanics, chaos theory, Gaia, punctuated equilibrium (in evolution), complexity theory, cosmology and The Theory of Everything.
Catalyzing the process of punctuated equilibrium is the declining performance of the firm and the consequent increase in organizational disorder.
But only the theory of punctuated equilibrium, Gould argued, could predict exactly what we have found (and not found) in the fossil record--evidence of overwhelming changelessness and sudden morphological macroevolution among small and geographically peripheral populations.
Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould's description of the evolutionary theory of punctuated equilibrium points out that geologically abrupt appearance and subsequent extended stasis of species is a fair description of evolutionary reality.