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Synonyms for punctilious

Synonyms for punctilious

showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details

fond of or given to ceremony

Synonyms for punctilious

marked by precise accordance with details


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He received it with a stately inclination of the head and stuck it in the twist of his sarong, with punctilious care to give his weapon a pacific position.
Your worthy lady with the tender conscience; your scrupulous, virtuous, punctilious, but not blindly affectionate wife--'
The claims of Esther Dudley's gentle blood were acknowledged by all the successive Governors; and they treated her with the punctilious courtesy which it was her foible to demand, not always with success, from a neglectful world.
The Pellucidarians themselves are rather punctilious about this same matter, so the Sagoth could understand that I might possibly be speaking the truth.
If Genestas' name came up when the officers gossiped after drill, they were wont to classify him among the men who begin with taking the good-conduct prize at school, and who, throughout the term of their natural lives, continue to be punctilious, conscientious, and passionless--as good as white bread, and just as insipid.
Mr Vladimir and the Assistant Commissioner, introduced, acknowledged each other's existence with punctilious and guarded courtesy.
He was punctilious in the exaction of this ceremony.
When it comes to other sums, I think you will find the Government is absolutely punctilious in wanting to meet our friends more than half way and to be useful.
Arresting is the punctilious application of pigment and the delineation of the figures technically adept, Rubio displays impressive workmanship,' said art critic Cid Reyes.
YORKSHIRE OAKS WINNERS BY RPR 2010 Midday 123 2009 Dar Re Mi 119 2008 Lush Lashes 119 2007 Peeping Fawn 123 2006 Alexandrova 121 2005 Punctilious 116 2004 Quiff 122 2003 Islington 118 2002 Islington 121 2001 Super Tassa 115
Mr Grieve is a straightforward, punctilious law officer.
It's an approach that is attentive to though not punctilious about detail, allowing a natural-seeming progress.
While punctilious obedience to the law is meritorious, "steadfast love" surpasses personal merit and becomes contagious.
Starved of good possession and suffering from over punctilious whistle blowing that prevented both sides from playing anything approaching a flowing game of rugby, LSH found themselves 26-3 down with 15 minutes to go.
PUNCTILIOUS looks set to end her racing career with trips to France and America after gaining Group One glory in the Aston Upthorpe Yorkshire Oaks at York.