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Talking of Punchy, that's what I felt like doing for not taking the 20-1 on offer for next season's Blue Riband at Cheltenham on Gordon Elliott's beast beforehand.
Somewhere between balm and bold is Holland Roden's punchy little pucker.
Katie Harkin & Co stick with producer John Goodmanson and it's more of the same punchy riffs and clever lyrics, with Harkin rhyming 'precipice' and 'piece of p***' in Still Windmills, the standout track.
After an INTERVENTION, big airport user Punchy Clown finds CAK a better way to go
Singles including Heavyweight Champion Of The World and He Said He Loved Me provoked rowdy responses from the crowd and their punchy, catchy style and confident swagger livened up an otherwise dreary Monday night.
A strong cast headed up by Andrew Schofield kept the action punchy and the audience laughing.
The nose was quite full on, showing punchy gooseberry fruit and a bit of a vegetative zeal.
Why you started: "We were just joking around about the idea, feeling punchy on a slow Saturday, and set up the blog as an inside joke we figured would die out.
Krall's singing is cool and sophisticated, the arrangements are classy and occasionally punchy, but the results are more than a little dull.
As amalgams of allusion and technique they would strain under their own ponderousness were it not for Tyson's cheekily punchy colors (often forming near-monochromatic single- or double-hued grounds of unspecific place and allusion) and perverse genetic mutations.
You can drizzle it on pizza, incorporate it into a salad dressing or use it for a punchy stir-fry
The characters are interesting, the dialog punchy, and the plot, even when most improbable, has all the speed, twists and turns of a slalom.
Several critics have noticed Michelle already, including Rachel Howard, who wrote about the San Francisco Jazz Festival and said of Dorrance, "Michelle Dorrance draws the eye with her punchy energy and more exuberant use of the torso.
The Kia has bags of ground clearance and a punchy 2.