punched card

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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Image Credit: Image Credit: The artist's project in Abu Dhabi included Afghan carpet patterns Image Credit: Image Credit: Image Credit: Traditional cross-stitch patterns are interpreted into punched cards that translate them into music Image Credit: Image Credit: Zsanett Szirmay with her work Image Credit: By Archana R.
The first tape drives implemented a 7-track recording format on an eight-inch diameter reel and had a linear recording density of 100 bits per inch and had a capacity of 1MB or the equivalent of 12,500 punched cards.
The remark is usually accompanied by a bit of 19th-century history, but no explanation as to how he used a punched card to control a powerful machine like a loom in the absence of electronics.
What made his machine unique was the use of punched cards that, when strung together, produced the same pattern with each use, Shortly thereafter, mathematician Charles Babbage recognized the potential of Jacquard's idea and put it to use in a computer that he called the Analytical Engine.
The Jacquard loom used punched cards and a control unit that allowed a skilled user to program detailed patterns on the loom.