punched card

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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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The insurance industry looks completely different than it did when policies were handwritten and information was collected on punched cards at the dawn of the 20th century.
If you had saved important business information all these years on punched cards, you might as well fold, spindle and mutilate them; you'd never find an easy way to retrieve the data.
This includes punched cards, magnetic tapes, disks and other machine-sensible data used for recording, consolidating and summarizing accounting transactions and records within a taxpayer's ADP system.
Once measured by the number of punched cards in a file, today's data are sometimes measured in trillions of bytes.
What: In 1968, the most advanced core processing technology required hand-written programming code, and key punched cards fed to huge "big iron" computers that held less memory than a wristwatch today.