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Synonyms for punching bag

a person on whom another person vents their anger

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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A spokesman for the First Minister said: "It is clear that the Tories are now starting to regret their decision to use the Welsh NHS as a political punchbag in their quest for votes in English marginal seats.
Former unemployed Londoner Adam Bant, 30, from Harrow, has become the world's first professional human punchbag by taking on the role.
The gym hopes to recruit more fearless members of the public via Facebook to be its human punchbags.
A source said: "Olly didn't hit the punchbag with enough gusto to break a bone.
UP FOR THE CUP: Boxers from Gemini ABC are heading to London to compete in the Haringey Box Cup pictured are Ryan Moorhead on the punchbag and (from left) Adam Davies, Lee Oginsky, John Dring, Stephen Bloxam, Baz Dambadarjaa and Paul Connor Picture by ANDREW TEEBAY
Aaron visits Jackson's grave to see the new headstone, but it does nothing to help with his grief as he continues to take his frustrations out on the punchbag - and on himself.
I delivered the punchbag personally and set it up in his gym.
Answer: Light-heavyweight world boxing champion Joe Calzaghe, who has gone 46 fights without being beaten, and still trains the old fashioned way, beating a punchbag in his local gym.
known only as Baby P, died in a blood-spattered cot after spending much of his life being used as a punchbag.
The toddler, who was on the child protection register, died in a blood-spattered cot in August last year after spending much of his short life being used as a punchbag.
Our lucky winners will each receive a pair of tickets to see the new film at Odeon Skydome, Coventry, a T-shirt, a silk gown and boxer shorts set, a boxing gloves and punchbag set and limited-edition numbered foiled posters.
But the real star turn comes from mum Miranda Richardson, who forces her son to wear a dress to school simply to confront children's prejudices, thus sealing Placid's punchbag status.
titles this year in seven starts, injured his right wrist three weeks ago while using a punchbag in his garage at his Wentworth home.
A colleague said: "Robin feels he has become a punchbag for the Prime Minister.