punch line

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the point of a joke or humorous story

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The impact of the punch line is enhanced by adding a tension relief.
Kuipers explores the relationship between sense of humor and social background, specifically looking at how people think about standardized jokes ending in a punch line, and which the teller does not claim to have invented.
The punch line of this text comes in next week's reading, so we'll save more commentary for then.
If you're squeamish, skip ahead now to the punch line of this Short Take.
It went something like, "How can you tell the first sign of spring?" The punch line was "An accountant sharpening his pencil." To bring the quip into current perspectives, the punch line would be changed to, "An accountant warming up his/her laptop and spreadsheet."
Men, on the other hand, tend to look forward to the punch line in the expectation of hearing something funny.
When a woman's brain encountered a funny punch line, it came as more of a pleasant surprise
In Two, Battle's appearance became a visual punch line: Dressed in housewife drag, he disco danced with Jennifer Warren.
They warm them up with an easy story line and then hit with a sharp punch line.
For each idea, Lane gives the setup (the basic concept and materials needed), the punch (like the punch line of a joke; how to make the presentation effective and humorous), a funny tip (further ideas for extending the project and making it amusing), and an example of a report.
Then came the punch line. "If you don't know where the designated area is, just follow me."
I, like many people, have watched the classic WWII sitcom a hundred times, but it still brings a chuckle, even though I knew the punch line before it was delivered.
Education instills the confidence to change.' His punch line was: 'It is better to light one candle of leadership than to curse the darkness of globalization.'
The world will need highly intelligent synthetic polymers," he says as he prepares the punch line, "because if everybody wore cotton and Birkenstocks the planet would dry up and we would run out of cork."
"It seems that actually watching a full-length episode [of a sitcom] is going to elicit humor in a more realistic, intense fashion than if you just read or hear a punch line in a lab," says Adolphs.