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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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With punch cards you sometimes don't punch hard enough where you're supposed to punch, or punch twice when you meant to punch once.
Florida sought to solve its punch card problem with new electronic voting systems--a very expensive solution that, as voters discovered in the primary election, comes with a new set of problems.
When Steve Young began his business nearly 40 years ago, he specialized in collecting computer punch cards (or "tap cards") from offices throughout the Los Angeles area.
The punch cards were said to be so confusing that some people voted for the wrong candidate.
However, the company that preceded IBM set the world on fire decades ago by making computer punch cards.
The federal class-action lawsuit claims the state's punch card system violates 14th Amendment Equal Protection rights and the U.
In both, a metal-tipped stylus is placed through a circular hole in a clear molded polycarbonate sheet over a position on a punch card ballot, presumably corresponding to the voter's choice, driven through a partially incised rectangle in the card, carrying this effluvium, the "chad," through a slot formed by strips of rubber lying directly beneath the punch card.
Also, many ballots had dimpled chads--little squares that did not fall out of the punch card when voters chose a candidate.
These secondary elevations are animated by the syncopated rhythm of random window openings, perforating the dourly functional surfaces like a computerized punch card.
Pirq Launches Updated Real-Time Deal App with Integrated Digital Punch Card and New Verticals
In addition to hosting watch parties throughout the tournament, Bar Louie announced today they will be rewarding their most loyal fanatics with a frequency punch card filled with opportunities to receive discounts, free food and prizes.
This November, for example, Virginia's counties will use five different kinds of ballots (optical, punch card, electronic, paper, lever machines).
Florida, recall, was the bitter battleground for the 2000 presidential election, where it was claimed that malfunctioning and archaic punch card systems threw the election.
Currently most health care facilities use clocks that range from punch card clocks to more sophisticated hand punch clocks.
That means instead of reading ballot booklets and then poking out the right number on a separate punch card, voters from now on will make their choices right on their paper ballots, using a pen or pencil to fill in oval or rectangular shapes to indicate their choices of candidates and measures.