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small brilliantly colored North American sunfish

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Caption: Bluegill (top) and pumpkinseed (bottom) both make a tasty meal.
Ecological and morphological differentiation of pumpkinseed sunfish in lakes without bluegill sunfish.
Morphological variation between lake- and stream-dwelling rock bass and pumpkinseed populations.
Effects of body size on the predator-prey interaction between pumpkinseed sunfish and gastropods.
1998: Shyness and boldness in pumpkinseed sunfish: individual differences are context-specific.--Animal Behaviour 56: 927-936.
For the pumpkinseed oil powder: In blender, place pumpkinseed oil and tapioca maltodextrin and blend until a powder is formed and mixture is a uniform color.
The Pumpkinseed fish, for instance, a non-native species originating in North America, was discovered in a Nicosia reservoir late last spring but was never officially brought to Cyprus and has no involvement with the Fisheries Department.
"Contemporary Mexican," taught by Jaime Aguirre features Spinach Salad With Jamaica (hibiscus) Vinaigrette; Chilaquiles Rojo; Pumpkinseed Mole With Chicken; and Jamaica-Orange Sorbet.
It is rich in antioxidant vitamin E, acai juice, pumpkinseed oil, cold-pressed rose hip oil and wheatgerm oil.
As such, Iowa's stretch of the Mississippi has for decades attracted the layout men with their small pumpkinseed boats, high-walled tenders and scores upon scores of cork bluebills, canvasback and redheads.
These include bluegills and other sunfish (such as shellcracker, redear and pumpkinseed) as well as yellow perch, shiners and crappie.
She wanted to create a product that would appeal to as many people as possible and the result was Cool Oil--a nutty tasting oil containing flaxseed, pumpkinseed and hempseed oils in the right proportions for optimum health.
It wrinkled its nose, chewed a bit on a pumpkinseed, and then wiggled out and sat on the top of the Halloween gourd.
Good sources are flaxseed, hemp, pumpkinseed oil and oily fish.