pumpkin ash

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timber tree of central and southeastern United States having hairy branchlets and a swollen trunk base

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Wednesday's final 1 Champagne Kisses, 2 Show Beach (m), 3 Greenacre Milly (m), 4 Harts Hill Carp (w), 5 Feed Me Lobster (w), 6 Pumpkin Ash (w).
Black ash and pumpkin ash are considered to produce wood that is lighter than white ash.
A co-champion common persimmon and the biggest pumpkin ash live in the 160-acre old-growth bottomland forest of Big Oak Thee State Park in southeastern Missouri.
This periodic flooding with slow drying provides a richly diverse overstory of mixed hardwoods: shellbark hickory, pecan, slippery elm, sweetgum, hackberry, persimmon, pawpaw, possumhaw, blue beech, pumpkin ash, and the great oaks: bur, Shumard, overcup, and swamp chestnut.