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tense with excitement and enthusiasm as from a rush of adrenaline

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Because the rotors produce a scooping action, they do not squeeze and compact the medium being pumped.
If you allow the intake to break the surface of the puddle being pumped out or if there's a crack in an intake (either of which will allow air in), the pump will lose suction and stop working.
I drew a cutaway model of such a pump for a school project, and I've pumped a few pails of water in my time.
All practitioners of vacuum technology share a single requirement in that, at some point, a chamber must be pumped down from atmospheric pressure after being opened to ambient air.
If fluid to be pumped contains large amounts of debris, a self-priming trash pump is needed.
The researchers then washed the tissues in fresh seawater and then determined how much dye each sample pumped out of its cells.
For many years, people in volcanically active places such as Iceland and New Zealand have taken advantage of the intense local geothermal heat to warm their homes and even produce electricity (by producing steam as water is pumped over the hot rocks).
An axial (or propeller) pump, on the other hand, will give a high ns value and is chosen when a large flow is to be pumped at a low head.
The original Cosworth Process employed by Cosworth Castings, Worcester, England, pumped melt through the bottom of a zircon mold until the filling process was complete.
Following the development of the arc lamp pumped Nd:LMA laser [17,18], further development of this approach was pursued at the University of Mainz in the early 1990's [19].
During cavitation, the liquid being pumped reaches its vapour pressure and the pump tries to move a mixture of liquid and vapour.
Particulates that have to be pumped in food processing systems range from chunky salsa or oatmeal to whole strawberries or beets.
If smaller quantities are to be pumped, the pumping must be intermittent.