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spending money raised by borrowing

introducing water into a pump to improve the seal and start the water flowing

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Five companies have received grants from the Business Competitiveness and Growth Fund, creating 28 new jobs and pump-priming investment of pounds 425,000.
3 billion ringgit worth of pump-priming measures last week to boost growth including cutting interest rates and giving out bonuses to civil servants to spur spending.
The budget deficit is not big, but there are myriad off-budget expenses, and the government has been pump-priming the economy since it was rocked by the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98.
In 1998, Kasriel was one of the first economists to warn that undue Fed pump-priming would trigger an equity market "bubble," which would likely rack the U.
there will probably be more of the same policy, like pump-priming the economy, rather than reforms,'' he said.
Thailand's Deputy Finance Minister Pisit Leeahtam also pointed to the limits of government pump-priming, claiming sustainable growth has to be private-sector led.
You are pump-priming, and sometimes it takes more priming than you expected.
The old liberal pump-priming techniques don't work as well as they once did.
As an added plus the new administration is likely to propose a mix of pump-priming measures and is looking favorable towards some sort of tax relief for both private business and real estate.
Few, if any, in Washington's liberal establishment now view the federal deficit with joy, suggest radical Keynesian pump-priming to boost the economy, or call for dumping additional billions into the black hole known as the "War on Poverty.
The government's flexibility to absorb these losses has been reduced by the deterioration in public finances in recent years that has resulted from sustained pump-priming -- with public investment rising by 25% per annum since 1998 -- and the need to take on the burden of social security expenditures from restructured state-owned enterprises.
Tatsuo Kawabata, state minister in charge of Okinawa affairs, and Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba are also arranging trips to Okinawa to persuade the local community to accept the relocation plan while presenting pump-priming measures for the prefecture.
The decline followed an increase in spending in May last year, when the government's pump-priming cash handout program increased household income, the ministry said.
This is a prime example of what public and private finance can achieve together, pump-priming a manufacturer to hopefully be in business for many years to come.
The aim is to provide pump-priming money rather than cash for capital investment which will allow ideas to be tested and developed.