pump action

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action mechanism in a modern rifle or shotgun

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As for Nerf wars, we provide all the latest pump action Nerfs, safety glasses and unlimited ammo.
One of the alleged weaknesses of the Model 12 is that the forearm is connected to the inner action by only one action bar rather than two, like other pump actions.
Dealers who purchase six packages also qualify for an additional free Model 500 FLEX Security Pump Action Shotgun with Pistol Grip (#50673).
If so the Colt officials weren't too frightened because they developed a pump action rifle and carbine that not only used Winchester's cartridges but could be fired faster than a lever gun.
Corporal Manhal Mohammad al-Jassim said while on a mission in Harasta district, they went into the woods where terrorists hide, adding that the terrorists fired at them from all sides using sniper rifles, Kalashnikovs and pump action guns and he was injured and his colleague was martyred.
possessing a Smith & Wesson pump action shotgun;
ZAP: New 50,000-volt Taser slug; Taser XREP Fires a 50,000 volt wireless projectile up to 100ft, which stuns a person for at least 20 seconds; Deploys aircraftstyle fins and wings and travels at around 300 ft per second; The slug is fired from a pump action shotgun and is accurate to more than 40 metres - five times the range of a current Taser
Pump Action mode is mandatory to reliably fire low-pressure ammunition such as the less lethal bean bags or the more lethal tear gas rounds.
When he started assembling a pump action shotgun in the lobby, she quickly alerted colleagues.
They feature a mechanism which allows a simple pump action to ooze red liquid over the face.
A number of other banned weapons were allegedly found at his home in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, including a 12gauge pump action sawn-off shotgun and hollow-point ammunition designed to expand on impact.
A 50-YEAR- old man who had a pump action shotgun without a licence was jailed for nine months yesterday.
Officers from Durham Police recovered a pump action shotgun, two stun guns, a rifle and ammunition, shotgun cartridges and an assortment of other crude weapons.