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Synonyms for pumice

a light glass formed on the surface of some lavas


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rub with pumice, in order to clean or to smoothen

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By documenting the shape and density of bubbles in pumices generated by [the volcano], we found large differences in the number and shape of bubbles in the same pebble-sized samples, different to anything previously documented,' said one of the study's authors, Ian Wright of the NOC.
They can be classified as one or the other by looking at the characteristics of gas bubbles found within the ejected magma- in explosive eruptions, the gas bubbles, or vesicles, rapidly expand to fragment the magma, which degasses as it cools to form pumice.
The scientists suggest that the bubbles in the magma turned it into a buoyant foam that rose to the seafloor, where it turned into molten pumice 'balloons' and continued to ascend to the sea surface.
Thus pumices from some particular mines are reported to be too costly and primary subject to substitutes.
The recent revival of the infrastructure segments and construction industries in a number of countries across the world define the demand level growth on the pumice and pumicite market.