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consisting of small particles

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6 allows the conclusion that the packing density of the three pulverulent samples was properly chosen.
The aim of the present contract is to acquire a magnetic measurement system adapted to pulverulent and monocrystalline samples (intermetallics, oxides, moffs), preferably a VSM (Vibrating sample magnetometer) , And allowing measurements over a wide temperature range (4.
Telia amphigenous, blackish, rounded, pulverulent, rarely in groups, naked, sometimes surrounded by ruptured epidermis.
The weathered top of the outcrop, a "brown pulverulent mass", yielded brachiopods from a 5-cm layer (Robb 1870, p.
Technical requirements for non-metallic rock materials for construction regulate mainly grain structure, presence of pulverulent and clay particles and also weak and eroded mining rocks, solidity, frost-resistance, sometimes form of grains, nature of the mining rock, presence of harmful admixture; for wall stones and facing slabs they regulate their linear size and linear size tolerance and also the nature of the facing surface texture.
Uredinia hypophyllous, yellowish, minute, covered with ruptured epidermis, pulverulent, scattered over the whole leaf surface, surrounded by numerous incurved paraphyses.
Hentrich, Dirk; Richters, Bernd; Pulverulent styling composition; United States Patent Application 20080233071; September 25, 2008.
Habit E consists of fibrous to capillary crystals in white, matted, cotton-like, and compact fibrous to pulverulent masses.
As the Company previously disclosed, a significant percentage of the gold in the Pierina ore occurs as very fine grained pulverulent material which tends to go into dust when the ore is crushed, pulverized or drilled.
It was mostly filled with pulverulent actinolite and poorly formed blocky crystals of epidote to 10 cm exhibiting severe interference from "byssolite," but it contained minor, broken quartz.
Cerussite constituted an important part of the ore above the 5th level, especially as massive material and pulverulent cerussite sand.
Sahama and Lehtinen (1968) made a regional study, describing acicular habits, ghostlike remnants and pulverulent masses of honey-yellow to dark gray or greenish bismutite.
White, pulverulent masses of siderotil form abundantly as a post-mining mineral on the walls of tunnels, especially near entrance adits, as a dehydration product of melanterite.