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Synonyms for pulverize

Synonyms for pulverize

to break up into tiny particles

to pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible

Synonyms for pulverize

make into a powder by breaking up or cause to become dust

destroy completely

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In an initial moment of playing Pulverize, Glenn is seduced by the fantasy of immersion; in a second moment, he recognizes this fantasy as a fantasy; in a third moment, he is forced to admit that this fantasy is nonetheless appealing (as in Octave Mannoni's famous formula "I know very well, but all the same") and can even be a source of productive engagement with the world.
Incidentally, "his" is correct here since all the Pulverize players depicted in the story are exclusively male; Requestra's one female employee tries playing the game but finds it unappealing.
Mikro-Atomizer pulverizes and conveys material in one operation.
Units have various styles of grinding plates, adjustable gap clearance between the grinding surfaces, and predetermined runnerhead speeds so that they can be used to grind, pulverize, granulate, or blend powder mixtures.
Available in four modal sizes, the Pulva Sizer effectively pulverizes uncalcined lime mud and inerts, allowing their return to the slaker.
The company sorts recycled bottles by color and pulverizes them.
The sound hits the underlying hard surface and rebounds, and when the echo interacts with incoming sound waves created by the laser, the result is a miniature explosion that pulverizes and removes the paint as a fine dust.
It pulverizes, blends, colors, reclaims, and compounds its own raw materials.
Melosh of the University of Arizona in Tucson and his colleagues, a body slamming into a planet produces a crater and generates a shock wave that pulverizes any debris in its path.