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The complete kit includes listening equipment, pressure testing equipment, the Pulse generator and the LT1000 Amplifier that powers all LeakTronics listening equipment.
Designing UWB transmitter including pulse generator and antenna is proposed in this paper and then used in tumor detection.
The proposed converter shown in Fig.1 consists of several components in it such as DC source, boost converter, Cockcroft Walton voltage multiplier, high voltage pulse generator and load.
Besides the logic control modules and output line, an optocoupler module, a push-pull circuit driving the pulse generator circuit and an isolation module is included.
This is also helping us now with developing these types of generators for application in industry and medical technology." Currently, the pulse generator is still located at the French laser lab at Palaiseau near Paris, because beginning in December the Dresden scientists are planning on once again working together with their LULI colleagues.
"Our implantable pulse generator (IPG) technology was designed to accommodate a variety of existing and emerging clinical indications.
A "Smart Pulse Generator" reduces the number of cuts to achieve the required accuracy and surface finish, thereby reducing both machining time and cost.
Therefore, UWB radar needs to implement a pulse generator with a 2 ns pulse width to satisfy the regulations of the FCC.
(NYSE: NOC) said it has finished detailed performance testing on its advanced pulse generator, which represents the next technology evolution for the company's combat electromagnetic environment simulator product that is used to test and validate the performance of electronic warfare equipment.
In this paper, a novel UWB monocycle pulse generator is showed.
It can be used as a semiconductor characterization instrument, arbitrary waveform generator, voltage or current pulse generator, precision power supply with voltage and current readback, a true current source, a digital multimeter and a precision (18-bit) electronic load.
It combines the functionality of multiple instruments in a single full-rack enclosure: semiconductor characterization instrument, precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator, electronic load, and trigger controller, and it is fully expandable into a multi-channel, tightly synchronized system via the company's TSP-Link technology.
The spacewalkers removed a faulty plasma pulse generator that was installed to investigate disturbances and changes in the ionosphere.
Intelect, a privately-held company, is developing neuromodulation technologies for deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy, which involves implantation of a lead into the brain and a pulse generator in the chest that sends electrical impulses to the brain.
Key statement: An implantable electrical medical lead for a pulse generator includes a distal electrode, a connector for electrical connection with the pulse generator, an electrical conductor within the lead extending between the connector and the distal electrode, and an insulating sheath of flexible resilient material normally covering the electrical conductor having self sealing properties to re-insulate the electrical conductor in the event a rupture of the sheath should occur which exposes the electrical conductor.