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a degenerate neutron star

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The spectrum and shape of the diffuse, or spread out, X-ray emission surrounding J0617 and extending well beyond the ring also match with expectations for a wind flowing from a pulsar.
Researchers from the University of Southampton have developed a new method for measuring the mass of pulsars highly magnetised rotating neutron stars formed from the remains of massive stars after they explode into supernovae.
The Pulsar AS200 features a new half fairing that has a projector lamp, a new rear mudguard and a number plate assembly.
Inside the Pulsar, the instrument panel behind the wheel is clear and concise and the steering wheel buttons and rocker switches are easy to use.
Now, Nissan is to add a sporting version of the Pulsar with the arrival of a third engine option, the 190bhp 1.
There's nothing sporty about the way the Pulsar drives and it'd be a bit surprising if there was.
The Pulsar marks Nissan's return to the medium-sized hatchback market, from which it has been absent for the past eight years, having turned its attention to the emerging crossover market with its highly successful Qashqai and Juke models.
25 when the pulsar was behind the companion (at inferior conjunction).
Competition for the Pulsar is stiff and not only includes the Focus but also the Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf as well as the likes of the Toyota Auris and keenly priced Hyundai i30.
Rob Abrams, the CEO of Pulsar Vascular and co-creator of the PulseRider design, said, "The FDA's approval of the PulseRider IDE allows us to initiate this important study for our flagship product and validates our scientific platform technology.
Thanks to smart packaging and what Nissan says is the longest wheelbase in the class, the Pulsar offers better rear leg and shoulder room than the opposition.
Popular two-wheeler maker Bajaj upgraded its Pulsar 180 and 220F with new colours in India.
Washington, Sept 30 ( ANI ): Astronomers have uncovered the mystery behind a neutron star, which has the peculiar ability to transform from a radio pulsar into an X-ray pulsar and back again.
Reflecting the conference sessions, the 73 papers discuss across the spectrum; radio observations of pulsars; the theory of pulsar radio emission; the structure, evolution, magnetic fields, and pulsar wind nebulae of neutron stars; observations and theory of magnetars; and from past to future.