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fermented Mexican drink from juice of various agave plants especially the maguey

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760 for the cultivated populations (Table 1), even larger than reported values for pulque agave populations by Alfaro-Rojas et al.
Once the pulque has been prepared to one's preferences, the ewers are corked, and then stored in basements, cellars, or any place that stays cool and dark (a good rule of thumb is: if you can store your potatoes there, you can cure pulque as well).
Pablo, one of our hosts, guided us to his maguey plants and showed us how to extract the pulque.
Legend spoke of 400 rabbit gods who drank pulque in prodigious quantity.
The living room housed a diverse collection of pottery from every state in Mexico, including the giant pulque jars that are made to leak so as to create a wet exterior that keeps the beverage cool, and an alcove in which narrow drawers hold more than two thousand vintage embroideries and weavings.
The perfunctory effort to eliminate the "excesses" associated with the pulque (pulquerias) and hard liquor taverns (vinaterias) is a typical example of the way in which Mexico City's judicial officials modified laws and penalties.
When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, they used their knowledge of distilling to turn, pulque into "vino mezcal.
The guides are weavers, embroiderers, and pulque brewers who explain their crafts.
Served on a corn tortilla with grilled nopal, slices of guajillo tomato, caramelized baby onions pulque style and grated ranchero cheese.
New Yorkers love Mexican food but no one here knows about pulque," says Heather Tierney, co-owner with his brother Christopher Tierney of the pharmacy-themed Apotheke and now Pulqueria in New York's Chinatown.
Mexico City - Drake partakes in mezcal tasting, joins a mariachi band Plaza Garibaldi, forces down pulque at a pulqueria, rides moto with Homero Diaz - Mexico's top rider, explores witchcraft and gets a shamanic cleansing at Sonora Mercado and gets tossed around like a ragdoll in a lucha libre lesson.
El pulque ha sido uno de los componentes bdsicos de la cultura mexicana, desde antes de la Conquista hasta nuestros dias [Pulque has been a basic component of Mexican culture since before the Conquest until today].
There's traditional Mexican rodeo and pulque (a traditional cactus wine)," Sanchez said.
Pulque, an alcoholic drink fermented from maguey juice (also used to distill tequila) was the most popular drink of the masses, and the regulation of the pulque trade and pulquerias provided the government with the greatest challenge.