pulp cavity

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the central cavity of a tooth containing the pulp (including the root canal)

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2015), proposed that secondary dentin deposition directly caused a reduction in pulp cavity volume, and confirmed that the pulp cavity volume chosen as the research index was more scientific and reliable than the choice of PV/TV ratio.
They measured the lengths of the coronal pulp cavity and crown and calculated the tooth coronal index [Figure 8].
After that, restorative materials closing the access to the pulp cavity should be removed.
If you have inflammation of the pulp cavity and it cannot be saved you may need root canal treatment.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran announced on Tuesday that it plans to establish a tooth stem cell bank to save dental pulp cavity stem cells to be used by patients in case of a broken or damaged tooth.
If a canine tooth is snapped off high enough, it can expose the pulp cavity and lead to infection.
The exclusions criteria were: carious lesions only in enamel or reaching the pulp cavity, no evidence of a crown fracture, no internal crown resorption or any other condition which would affect inclusion in the study.
Each canine tooth crown's maximum pulp cavity width (a) and maximum tooth width (b) was measured with a calibrated binocular dissecting scope, and a pulp cavity width ratio (a/b) was calculated for each specimen.
2), anterior area of spine consists of a thick layer of trabecular tissue with vascular canals; a thin layer of trabecular tissue with vascular canals present on posterior and posterolateral area; a thin layer of lamellar tissue lacking vascular canals present on lateral area of spine; and large subovate pulp cavity present in central region of spine.
ASensitive teeth are caused by an exposure of the toothOs dentine, the hard, bone-like material between the central pulp cavity and the enamel.
Cut in cross section, dorsal spines exhibit a series of rings surrounding a central pulp cavity.
65 mm; anterior margin of crown bluntly rounded; crown narrower anteriorly than at midlength; crown posteriorly elongate, narrowing smoothly towards tip; crowns covered with very fine longitudinal ridges and grooves; all ridges on crown either distributed rostro-caudally over scale and converging on single posterior point, or median ridges running straight to posterior end of crown but with more lateral ridges curving from base upwards and posteriorly; each fine ridge may be formed from two parallel finer ridgelets; lower crown surface smooth; neck as very narrow furrow; base rounded, anteriorly placed; anterior spur-like projection short or absent; pulp cavity large, continuing as wide pulp canal posteriorly.
1) "Gemination" may produce a tooth with a bifid crown and a single pulp cavity.
The goal of endodontic treatment is thorough mechanical and chemical debridement of the entire pulp cavity in addition to the attainment of hermetic seal along the entire root canal system.
Simultaneously the coronal tooth fragment was placed in to the post, it's bonding surface and pulp cavity loaded with dual cure resin composite, this was placed in to position and finger pressure was applied until the composite was light cured set.