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Synonyms for pullback

the moving back of a military force in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat

Synonyms for pullback

a device (as a decorative loop of cord or fabric) for holding or drawing something back


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(military) the act of pulling back (especially an orderly withdrawal of troops)

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If we do see a pullback, our first major support will be tested at 8,910 and if that is breached we may see it come all the way down to 8,830,"Mangun said.
If the pullback is shallow and the index turns back up with some conviction after finding support, watch for resistance around 5,191.
So far this year, "defensive" stocks--those that are less sensitive to economic growth--such as those in the health care and consumer staples sectors, have led the markets higher, and they historically outperform more economically sensitive sectors during a pullback.
As pointed out by Doeraene, (J1)-(J4) axioms allow us to replace 'some' by 'any' in the definition of homotopy pullback, or to use an F-factorization of f instead of g.
3 percent growth in 2006 (mainly in light of slow consumer spending in the first quarter and a pullback in residential investment).
That means that defaults can be absorbed in more digestible chunks, rather than acting as shocking catalysts for abrupt pullbacks in the amount of capital available to real estate investors.
The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said Pakistan would withdraw its troops from the border to peacetime locations and the pullback would start shortly.
After a three-hour meeting of Foreign Minister David Levy and other Israeli officials at which details of the pullback were supposed to have been worked out, the Palestinian negotiator, Mohammed Dahlan, declared that the territory to be turned over was insufficient.
According to consultant Jack Stroup of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (formerly an executive at Van Dorn Plastic Machinery), who has been working with Dray to develop the new valve, typical nonreturn valves require excess pullback beyond that which is needed to prevent drool into an open mold.
If a pullback grows so large that it is uncertain if the trend will resume or reverse, it has become a trading range.
When horizontal directional drillinq (HDD) professionals discuss the size of an HDD rig, they typically refer to the maximum pullback force the unit can develop.
IN HIS WEEKLY Market Commentary dated May 10, 2010, LPL Financial's chief market strategist indicated that the market pullback that began on April 23 is a painful but necessary part of the market cycle.
Palestinians stoned Israeli soldiers who did not leave the West Bank on Friday, and Yasser Arafat said he was ``completely shocked'' when he learned a planned troop pullback gives him only a third of the territory he had expected.
CINCINNATI -- In yesterday's edition of Options 101, we learned how shareholders can protect against a potential pullback in the short term, and possibly generate cash on a stagnating stock, by writing covered calls.