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The pull-ins, sit-ups and DLL were grouped as the difficult exercises.
As on previous land-based applications, the liner was installed into pipe stalks by attaching the first liner section to a wireline winch via a special pull-in head.
I believe that the roads should be returned back to the citizens of Coventry and that pull-ins be re-instated where the road is too narrow to allow traffic to pass when the bus stops to pick up passengers.
That said, further OEM pull-ins of manufacturing to internal factories are still more likely over the next six to nine months, as evidenced by Nokia's decision to reduce its reliance on EMS suppliers.
For lorries hardly any of the pull-ins are adequate or safe, and they are the drivers who need them most as they get to grips with what is often the last leg of a gruelling trans-European haul.
He said: 'It's strange to drive and see these things in the little pull-ins and what a waste of taxpayers' money.
Everyone accepts that, from Shaftmoor Lane to Camp Hill, it is merely a two lane traffic flow in and out of the city but adequate works have been done, with bus pull-ins, etc, for the traffic to flow well.
Approximately 150 pull-ins with pipe from 4 to 16 inches in diameter have been completed by directional drilling.
A farm is certainly a different venue for a break than the usual main route service stations and fast food pull-ins.
It was just a single track with pull-ins every few hundred yards in the unlikely event you met another vehicle.
This can be incorporated into high double-arm pushes and pull-ins.
Given the improvements in our gross orders, customer pull-ins from our backlog and a reduction in cancellations, we plan to increase sales beyond the level of the first quarter by approximately 20 percent to between $280 million and $310 million.
Hence there is no hard shoulder along the entire route in the case of breakdowns; there are a multitude of lay-bys which are far too short to enter at speed or to allow vehicles to leave at speed - in the case of lorries hardly any of the pull-ins are adequate or safe.
The doggers meet up in the forestry pull-ins to take part in or simply watch strangers having sex.
Maybe in this spirit, action can be taken getting rid of protruding bus stops and reinstating pull-ins on the prime lines routes so all traffic can start to flow easily again without delays introduced by buses stopping in the middle of traffic lanes.