pull wires

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influence or control shrewdly or deviously

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85 millihenrys, compliant Header FCI Electronics, #54201, noncompliant Thick film resistor Multicomp, #MC-0603-WCF, 100 [ohm], compliant Soldering iron Weller TC 201T, standard tip Lead pull wires Alpha Wire Co, 20 AWG, Cu-coated with tin wire Table 2.
Limbs pull wires off the switch or tear it off the vehicle's frame.
We frequently use stainless steel braiding wire, flat wire ribbon and pull wires for devices that open and close, convey and deflect inside the human body," says Bryce Way, Senior Projects Engineer.
2) Electricians Trent Herman, left, and Martin Berg pull wires to light poles at Pelona Vista Park in Palmdale recently.
The conduit has a pull-string which allows me to pull wires [that provide] access to that third or fourth jack [for use in case a PC, modem, or other electrical device is introduced].
To solve this problem, pull wires were installed between manholes.