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He added: "In the face of global competition it is clear we must harness our collective resources and pull together the skills of the entire supply chain.
It allows users to "quickly and easily pull together the documents needed to deliver a comprehensive financial report book to end-users across the organization," FRx Software said in an announcement.
A consistent principle at IHEs nationwide is that all hands--including students, parents, alumni, corporate execs, faculty and support staff--need to pull together to foster and leverage:
How did Chicago NAMA pull together a group that would be willing to discuss the details?
Frovi put together an internal truck group comprising drivers, supervisors and safety representatives, to pull together the mill's customized list of requirements and choose a supplier: Kalmar Industries Sverige AB, Ljungby, Sweden.
Andrea Schepmann, management and horticultural specialist for the Krohn Conservatory in Ohio, concludes, "It falls to all of us, as organizations, scientists and communities, to pull together, to continue to track butterflies and their habitat, so all of our long-term records will fit together to give us an accurate picture to work with.
Without access to Rice--perhaps it was a matter of national security--Felix had to rely on relatives and colleagues to pull together information for the book.
But we also used our diplomatic muscle to pull together an extensive coalition to implement the letter and spirit of this resolution.
The horizontal rule, printed in full strength green, and the spacing between it and the articles, pull together two pages that otherwise would not form a single visual element.
It's a good way for minority firms to pull together and find opportunities nationally," says Kenton Clarke, president and CEO.
We like to see them pull together, work for a common cause, make sacrifices for something bigger, nobler, and greater than themselves.
Armies of myosin proteins simultaneously pull together countless filaments made of the protein actin.
Cook shows that the heroes are increasingly described as using this less direct mental process and that the reader is increasingly required to pull together in a similar way disparate parts of the epics in order to understand them.