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Iraq is a nation too long in the shadow of repression and with too many fractious pieces to pull together easily or to pull together overnight.
Success at saving Greyhounds shows city can pull together
We are a very tight dressing room and it's important we room and it's important we pull together.
25 years ago A PLEA to pull together was issued by Cleveland Transit management as bus crews prepared to return to work.
ASTON Villa winger Marc Albrighton has called on his team-mates to pull together after admitting the club are in "a bit of a mess".
The best of the British spirit is the way we pull together when times are tough," said Mr Byrne.
Owners Neville Dickens and Geoff Moss said the buck stopped with them but urged everyone to pull together and build for the future.
She not only has the skills to pull together the funding and cooperation of federal, state, county and local governments to make these projects work, but really goes the extra mile to connect with and listen to the local people, who are the real reason we commit to these projects.
Jian, her half-brother, is trying to pull together and command what remains of the Farsalan army in order to defend Farsala.
It's such fun because we go out on the pull together, '' the duchess said in an interview.
A consistent principle at IHEs nationwide is that all hands--including students, parents, alumni, corporate execs, faculty and support staff--need to pull together to foster and leverage:
Ask any woman who has scrambled to pull together a meal for unexpected guests--or who has heard in her heart the authentic call to priesthood--and she'll tell you that Jesus' miraculous act with loaves and fishes has far less to do with possessing the power to turn a couple of humble ingredients into a feast.