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Owners Neville Dickens and Geoff Moss said the buck stopped with them but urged everyone to pull together and build for the future.
ASTON Villa winger Marc Albrighton has called on his team-mates to pull together after admitting the club are in "a bit of a mess".
Leish said: "We need everyone to pull together. Hopefully we can produce a plan that will deliver long-term sustainability for us."
We have to have a better season next time and pull together to do that."
While the colors and lines intertwine and seem to pull together from sheer density, the faintly drawn head, partially erased and set apart from the central rectangular composition spills a series of diagrammatic lines out of its mouth echoing one of the two sculptures in the show, Untitled (Nerves) No.
As she urged the party to "pull together" after a barrage of assaults from notaries such as Mr John Major and Lord Howe, Tory former Prime Minister Mr Edward Heath weighed in to declare that unless Mr Hague changed course, the party would face defeat again at the next election.
Cook shows that the heroes are increasingly described as using this less direct mental process and that the reader is increasingly required to pull together in a similar way disparate parts of the epics in order to understand them.
We like to see them pull together, work for a common cause, make sacrifices for something bigger, nobler, and greater than themselves.
Armies of myosin proteins simultaneously pull together countless filaments made of the protein actin.
"It's a good way for minority firms to pull together and find opportunities nationally," says Kenton Clarke, president and CEO.
The message is "be vigilant" and keep a look out for the conmen who may try to dupe you, your neighbours, friends and family - if we all pull together, we can bring this scum to justice.
We have to pull together as a group of people and work hard to put it right.
Travel writer Stephen Taylor delved into the archives of the East India Company to pull together not only an exciting shipwreck story, but the tales and conditions of most of the souls who were on board that night.
A consistent principle at IHEs nationwide is that all hands--including students, parents, alumni, corporate execs, faculty and support staff--need to pull together to foster and leverage:
TIC interests are program investments similar to the partnership tax shelters of the 1970s and '80s, in that they pull together a group of investors to purchase one large property.