pull the plug

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prevent from happening or continuing

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I didn't pull the plug, let's just call it a hiatus," she added.
The article quoted a senior Whitehall source who said: "They are going to have to pull the plug on it.
Now Belgian businessman Marcel Stellman, who owns the show's rights, threatened to pull the plug in response to the show's treatment of the veteran presenter.
Britney has said she will pull the plug on the whole idea before that happens.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation which was overseeing the show, has now decided to pull the plug on the February 2 show.
Rather than fight the ruling, many stations have, indeed, opted to pull the plug, says Will Robedee, general manager of WKTRU at Rice University (TX).
This in turn prompted the World Bank to pull the plug on the financing after already spending $37 million on the road.
The London-based international media giant Pearson PLC has decided to pull the plug on its wholly owned subsidiary, FTE, which includes nearly 30 highly regarded, energy-related newsletters published out of London and Arlington, Virginia.
Vivid but sparse signs of the so-called Higgs boson at the Large Electron-Positron Collider (LEP) in Switzerland have also sparked a desperate race against time to catch further glimpses before researchers pull the plug on the 11-year-old machine.
An outraged group of organizations, including the National Family Farm Coalition and Consumers Union, met with Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman in October to demand that it, too, pull the plug.
Now the FTC is taking more forceful measures to pull the plug on these unscrupulous firms.
Southern decided to pull the plug after taking a US$ 200 million charge last year against earnings to account for the decline in value of its 59% stake in Argentina's Hidroelectrica Alicura and its 67% share in Chile's Edelnor.
PUBLICANS are threatening to pull the plug on Sky TV over its inflation-busting subscription increases.
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