pull strings

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Synonyms for pull strings

influence or control shrewdly or deviously

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The source said: "Cregan's barking orders, he still believes he can pull strings but the word coming back is people are not paying.
Obviously, they've made up, and were arm-in-arm as they arrived at Heathrow yesterday, in time for Sharon to pull strings for Kelly and her mates to see The X Factor.
The much-loved poet's consummate patriotism powers his genuine belief that all young men should be prepared to fight for the country they love, and he uses his influence to pull strings even though his brave son has been rejected by several military medical boards.
ANALYSIS: Egypt army may pull strings from barracks in future
When PM Maleki faced a parliamentary revolt this year, he could count on Tehran to pull strings of influence over restive fellow Shi'ite politicians in Iraq's majority which saw the Iraqis quickly fall in line again behind the Shi'ite premier.
As he romances his way around the French capital, his various love pull strings to help him climb the social ladder.
Peter and Leanne are thrilled, but Ken is fuming, and he incurs Deirdre's wrath - she won't pull strings at the council to have the planning stopped.
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