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Jacobson doesn't pull punches on granddad's involvement with such shady underworld figures as Frank Costello.
She believes children need guidance from adults and, despite the darker subjects of some of her books, readily admits to having to pull punches in her stories to protect her readers from the darker sides of life"The mass murder in The House of the Scorpion was a time when I pulled back.
But Brown was in no mood to pull punches and declared: "Against Estonia we were poor in terms of our overall performance.
But inside the octagon isn't the only place McGregor, 26, can pull punches.
A lot is different about the biz since "The Player" rippled through Hollywood, and Tolkin doesn't pull punches.
SPIKE Lee has a reputation for making feisty indie films that don't pull punches when dealing with racism in America.
After six days simulating war conditions they faced a mock pitched battle in a Wiltshire village and - within the confines of safety - the Army was not about to pull punches.
BULLETPROOF: Victoria plays Nina alongside Jamie King; ACTION HERO: Sean William Scott doesn't pull punches
They don't pull punches, they are there to protect quality and standards.
Betz doesn't pull punches about endemic police corruption, making this a pretty unflattering look at the culture.