pull off

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  • verb

Synonyms for pull off

pull or pull out sharply

cause to withdraw

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remove by drawing or pulling

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To reach freedom the most famous escapers of modern times have been willing to pull off the impossible: their adventures and struggles are related in The Greatest Escape Stories Ever Told: a blend of history and drama which presents riveting stores of escape, from battling the Bastille to swimming shark-infested waters to avoid the Japanese during the war.
The kind of thing that Hollywood would be embarrassed to try and pull off.
To install a new bite valve, pinch the tube and pull off the old valve.
The hexagonal nut of the end cap is made smaller so that the heater housing will pull off the nozzle and clear the tip end while leaving the end cap and tip in place.
Shaun Pollock trapped Michael Papps leg-before without scoring with the total one before Mark Richardson and Stephen Fleming took the score to 42 when Fleming miscued an attempted pull off Andre Nel and wicketkeeper Mark Boucher took the catch.
They don't have enough experience at this level to pull off a shock result and it will certainly be Alex Ferguson leaving the ground with a smile on his face.
No, we are much better off now because we are proactively hunting down terrorist organizations worldwide and attempting to remove the power and infrastructure they need to pull off the despicable murderous acts that they have been doing for the previous 50 years.
However, historically, it's also one of the hardest to pull off (so to speak) simply because the genre requires very good writing, a very good cast to give believable performances and very, very good direction all coming together with a synergy that is quite rare.
The first thing Harry Hay ever told me was to pull off my ugly green frog skin of heterosexual conformity.
The question is how dueling European art institutions will pull off mega-exhibitions of Surrealism in a single season.
1 Kansas State University Won pull off, 115 feet, 1
It's not just the multiples who can pull off successful publicity grabbing stunts.
If a law made selling recordings more difficult, "there's no question the recording industry would pull off the labels," says Mickey Granberg, director of government relations for the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.
As a young boy growing up in a mountain village, recalls O'Odham tribe member Daniel Lopez, "I would carefully pull the thorny limb down and pull off the flowers.
Once airborne, players can pull off style moves that rack up even more points.