pull chain

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a chain (usually with a handle at the end) that is pulled in order to operate some mechanism (e

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Another reader speculated that it might be a pull chain handle for an overhead lavatory gravity tank - however, we've been unable to verify that.
He explained: "It occurred to me that we could pull chain harrows with an airship, and if you were able to get high enough the mines could explode and wouldn't get to you.
There was an industrial grade window fan in the room with a beaded pull chain that was meant to draw air from the whole place in summer, in lieu of air conditioning.
Godwin says about fence building except the part where he recommends using a tractor to stretch fence wire, and advocating hitching the pull chain to a point on the tractor above the axle.
Many faithfully reproduced traditional suites feature high-level cisterns complete with a pull chain or rod flush.
The kitten, as it had done before, was apparently playing with a lamp pull chain with a metal bead on the bottom.
If not, you can add impressionistic eyes to your bait by making a small hole through the head of the bait with a small copper tube or a pair of needle nose pliers, and then inserting either a 3- or 4-bead segment from a ceiling fan pull chain, or a plastic or glass rattle chamber.