pull back

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Synonyms for pull back

use a surgical instrument to hold open (the edges of a wound or an organ)

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move to a rearward position

stretch back a bowstring (on an archer's bow)


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New Delhi alleged that Chinese troops installed tents 19 kilometers inside the Line of Actual Control in the Ladakh region on April 15 and urged Beijing to pull back its troops.
* Pull back complete reports of census information for a specific region by identifying a street address or intersection
We pull back one layer and find many layers to go."
OVER the last year my foreskin has been getting very tight and now it's difficult to pull back. I'm too nervous to see my GP because he might suggest I have a circumcision.
As the blades pull back and blowing is completed, the plastic self-seals and forms a ribbed structure.
Taking the first set 25-15 was a real confidence booster and, although losing the second, they should have won the third but allowed the home side to pull back a six-point deficit.
With that extra bulge, she does not have to pull back her eyelids as far before they reach the midpoint.
Pull back the silver side to reveal an antiseptic wipe to clean the wound, then pull back the white side to reveal a water and dirt repellent plaster to cover it until it heals.
Expansion plans by Minera Yanacocha, Latin America's biggest gold mine, have been put on hold after violent protests in nearby Cajamarca, in northern Peru, forced it to pull back from developing a new deposit.
I try to be his father at times during the sessions but I consciously pull back from this--advice isn't what Anthony needs.
His reason for retiring is simple: "I feel the urge not to have deadlines." He and his wife, Joan, have three grown children and five grandchildren, all of whom live nearby in the Toronto area, and "enjoying my family" is high on the list of reasons "to pull back from things."
The Finnish second finance minister Ulla-Maj Wideroos has said that she will pull back a law proposal that would have seen the profits from the Bank of Finland transferred to the state.
And in a separate feature we pull back the veil on the thorny issue of immigration in Japan.
How strong is the pull back to the brothers' beginnings?
The Israelis must pull back heavy weapons, lift the blockade of Palestinian areas, refrain from attacking Palestinian institutions and civilian areas and use non-lethal methods to deal with demonstations.