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At the point in the boma where Tarzan had blocked the entrance, she started to pull away the thorn bushes, and, when Zu-tag saw what she was doing, he fell to and assisted her so that presently they had an opening through the boma through which she passed with the great ape.
Leighton Baines admits Everton are "desperate" to find the formula winning run and pull away from the mid-table LEIGHTON BA admits Everton are "desperate" to find the formula for a winning run and pull away from the mid-table pack.
rk Murphy's touchdown after 10 minutes suggested they would pull away but trailed 6-5 at the break after Greig Laidlaw landed a brace of penalties.
Sam was the defending champion and world record holder but it was his younger brother who attacked on the fifth length to pull away with Chinese swimmer Wang Yinan.
Shaw made several attempts to pull away from his rival but this proved unsuccessful as they moved through halfway in 15 minutes.
Now there is nothing to indicate to passengers the fact the bus is ready to pull away.
Arizona's Andres Carrasco and Geoff Embry won three-set matches to help the Wildcats pull away for a 5-2 victory over Oregon in a Pac-10 men's tennis meet on Sunday.
The Giants led 12-2 in the first half but were pegged back by the break and did not pull away until the final quarter of the match, scoring three tries in the final six minutes.
Sometimes I pull away when he tries to kiss me or hold me, and he thinks I don't love him.