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Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with Zoe Barnard-Rowland (Avenue Leamington), Vanessa Brazier (Rugby Railway) and Heather Tredgold (Southam) started fairly evenly before their opponents started to pull away.
Little wonder they begin to pull away and you have to let them - otherwise you risk at best an unhappy child, swaddled in adult suffocation, and at worst outright rebellion.
The Tigers (8-3) trailed 27-24 at halftime, led 33-32 entering the fourth period, and then outscored the Eagles 19-12 in the final quarter to pull away.
Shaw made several attempts to pull away from his rival but this proved unsuccessful as they moved through halfway in 15 minutes.
But Great Britain & Ireland had enough in the tank in the later matches to pull away to an overall 15 1/2 to 12 1/2 victory - their sixth in succession.
I snuggled in next to her just before midnight, feeling her pull away. But I couldn't sleep.
Both teams came out fighting in the third quarter, but neither could pull away.
Both sides have hit form but I expect Port to give themselves a lift and pull away from the relegation zone.
1 : to pull away by twisting or wringing <I had to wrest my shoe from the dog's mouth.>
I am also fed up running 50 yards to catch a bus only to have it pull away just as I reach it.
The Giants led 12-2 in the first half but were pegged back by the break and did not pull away until the final quarter of the match, scoring three tries in the final six minutes.
Sometimes I pull away when he tries to kiss me or hold me, and he thinks I don't love him.
Wigan are beginning to pull away from the relegation zone, but their recent good form does not make them certainties to overcome Fulham at the JJB Stadium.
It's a testament to Ledger's charm and wit as an actor that he makes this character so sympathetic; though Dan is obviously a bad influence on the solidly middle-class Candy, it's him you feel bad for when she finally starts to pull away.