pull ahead

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obtain advantages, such as points, etc.

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Since the Portuguese striker left Real for Juventus for e1/4100 million (Dh418.58 million) over the summer, however, Kroos is the only man in contention to pull ahead and make it a solo fifth record Club World Cup win at this year's edition in Abu Dhabi from December 12-22.
Six minutes later they did pull ahead when No.8 Eoin McKeon got on the end of a super move across the line, as debutant Niyi Adeolokun's dart off the right touchline made the room for the back-row to score.
Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Di Medhurst (Stoke), Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) and Di Thurlbeck (Lillington) set off slowly but five shots on the tenth end helped them to pull ahead and while they were level pegging most of the way another five shots on the last end ensured a 23-15 win.
The Hotspurs will have a chance to pull ahead of Chelsea once they figure out a new date for their next match, which was originally scheduled for April 14 at Stamford Bridge.
John's led, 6-4, early in the first half before the Crusaders went on a 10-0 run to pull ahead. Holy Cross was still up by four, 18-14, with 8:50 remaining in the half, then scored five straight points to go in front by nine, 23-14.
Just as it looked as if Winterbottom was to pull ahead as he sped down the pit, Whincup's Holden Commodore nipped in-front, narrowly avoiding a collision in a slightly controversial entry to stay in front.
Twice during that stretch Oregon was able to cut Denver's lead to one goal, but it was never able to tie the score or pull ahead.
General Motors recovered some lost ground to pull ahead of arch rival Toyota in global sales in the second quarter of this year, figures released yesterday showed.
VAST numbers of boys are not going to university, causing female undergraduate numbers to pull ahead, by a ratio of 57% to 43%, up by 17% for women since 1980.
They should consider whether their competitors are running on systems that could enable them to pull ahead in terms of operating performance.
UA wants to pull ahead of the pack and Shelton is the one who will lead them.
"We're going to meet the new launch targets set last summer, which called for six weeks pull ahead for the SUVs and 13 weeks for the pickups.
SUPERMARKET giant Tesco is continuing to pull ahead of its High Street rivals, racking up more than pounds 27billion in sales over the last two years, according to figures released yesterday.
Steven Cozza, a former Advocate cover boy who at the age of 12 launched a national organization to make the Boy Scouts of America more gay-friendly, has once again shown his ability to pull ahead of the pack.
The final was also a tight battle, Bedlington A finally managing to pull ahead in the second half to defeat Prudhoe 13-10.